Just Incase You’re Joining The June 12 Nationwide Protest – See 5 Ways You Can Stay Safe During The Protest

JUNE 12 PROTEST!! Will You Participate In The “Buhari Must Go” Protest Today?

Incase You’re Joining The June 12 Nationwide Protest – See 5 Ways You Can Stay Safe During The Protest


While there are certain things you can do to reduce your risks during a protest, you need to realize that even if your intentions are to protest peacefully, it does not guarantee your safety from injury or illness.

For this reason, it’s important that if you decide to protest, that you do everything you can to protect yourself and remain healthy.

Fellow Nigerians, we care about your health and safety, Below are 5 ways you can stay safe during a protest in Nigeria.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t even make the mistake of going to a protest ground with slippers/Palm – Don’t ever!!!

Protests involve a lot of walking, so you must wear a comfortable pair of shoes. Sometimes, you might have to run, so you should also get shoes that you will comfortable running with. You can go for breathable sneakers.

If you can’t get a very good sneaker that will be very light and very sizeable for you, you can still wear a sandal, it will be better if you can get those Lagos conductor Akube sandal self.

In case of any gbas gbos, so you will be able to Gbe Body easily! No, go wear Bata Wahala go protest O!

2. Plenty Of Water

Water no get enemy they say – In this Instance you need more water than you the Oxygen self, so please marry your water bottle, if possible carry Keg self.

Avoid sharing it with other people. You also need to drink a lot water while protesting because you might lose your voice.

3. Get Adequate Information About The Protest

Many Nigerians just go to protest without knowing what they’re even protesting about – Don’t be the many Nigerians, know why you’re protesting.

Before joining a protest, you should be well informed about what it is about and who is organizing it. You have to concur with the message being passed across.

We no go jam agbako O!

4. Carry an Identification Card (ID Card)

When going for a protest, you should also carry an Identification card.

In Nigeria, there are a few means of identification you can bring, such as the National ID card, Permanent Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License.

Incase protesters are paraded, your ID Card might be your only means of linking with your people incase of incasity…

You don’t have to carry your entire wallet to a protest.

5. Avoid Makeup, Body Creams or Eye Contacts

When it’s a Nigerian protest, expect many Tear Gas flying all about the venue, one they even increased the Police Salary already

Avoid makeup or lotions as they could trap tear gas and make it more painful on the skin.

Avoid eye contact during a protest because tear gas can irritate your eyes and cause damages.

Rather, use goggles instead to protect your eyes from those irritants.

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