Denmark boss Hjulmand, slams UEFA’s reaction to Eriksen incident

Denmark boss

Denmark boss,Hjulmand, slams

Denmark coach, Kasper Hjulmand

Denmark coach, Kasper Hjulmand has slammed UEFA for it’s reaction in the aftermath of Christian Eriksen’s on-pitch collapse during the Danes Group B Euro 2020 fixture against Finland

The Denmark player, Eriksen collapsed in the first half after suffering a cardiac arrest during the match.

The match was suspended for about 90 minutes, with Denmark given the option of resuming play immediately or return the following day to complete it. With the players being reassured of Eriksen’s improved condition, they went back out and ended up losing 1-0 to Finland.

Denmark boss

Hjulmand addressing a press conference said: “Coronavirus allows you to postpone a match for 48 hours. A cardiac arrest obviously does not. That, I think, is wrong,”

“There is learning here. It was not the right decision to continue playing. The boys showed so much strength by going out and playing on.

“But I do not think it was the right thing to give us and the players the choice to go out and finish play on Saturday or Sunday.

“I felt that the players and us close to them were put under that pressure and were given that dilemma. It was a hugely difficult situation to be in.

“The only real leadership would have been to put the players on a bus and send them home and then deal with it after.

“You don’t necessarily find good leadership in the protocols. Good leadership can sometimes be to lead with compassion.”

Denmark coach, Kasper Hjulmand

Eriksen has updated fans on his condition on Tuesday, posting a thumbs-up selfie from the hospital, revealing he feels okay.

He said: “I’m fine – under the situation. I still have to go through some other examinations at the hospital, but I feel okay. Now, I will cheer on the boys on the Denmark team in the next matches.

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