Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona

Loinel messi is likely to play in England or France after leaving Barcelona


Lionel Messi accepts Cristiano Ronaldo's challenge of leaving his comfort zone

Loinel Messi

The day that Barcelona fans prayed would never arrive has come – Lionel Messi has left the  club and will find a new home for the 2021/22 season.

But With clubs now set to battle for the Argentine’s signature, christiano ranaldo’s wish has come true.

I’d really like him to come to Italy one day,” cR7 said during the 2020/21 season. “I hope he accepts the challenge of leaving his comfort zone.

“But if he’s happy at Barcelona, then of course I respect that.”

Now, Lionel Messi appears to be taking up on his challenge. Although he’s more likely to join Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain than to move to Italy, Messi will be a long way from his comfort zone of the Camp Nou next season.

Wherever he goes, he is sure to give his new supporters a lot to celebrate in 2021/22 and beyond.

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