As he did after his first album with “ONEPOINTFIVE”, Aminé launches a new ‘EPLPMixtapeAlbum’ where originality is on another level: “TWOPOINTFIVE”.

When last year we talked about Aminé’s second album, “Limbo”, we emphasized that he is one of those American hip hop artists who goes outside the norm in terms of style. His album, very personal and careful, was a delicacy; music of very good quality and with a quite unique sound. Now, with this second part of his first mixtape, all that has happened again but multiplied by a thousand .

But this “TWOPOINTFIVE” is nothing like “Limbo”. Aminé has surprised us again but in a totally different way. Let’s go in parts: the production on this mixtape is completely out of this world.

Thanks to Aminé himself, Pasqué, Lido, Westen Weiss and other additional producers, the sound in each song is a journey that we have not experienced with any other artist on the scene. On the other hand, the flows used by the artist are totally new, fun and provide a lot of variety within a song itself. With voice modulations, Aminé presents himself in many different ways within the same song.

From the very first track “YiPiYaY,” the actor and comedian Rickey Thompson, who plays the narrator on the album, tells us that it’s time to get up and have a good time. And so the song keeps its word, with its ‘bells’ beat and catchy lyrics. A brief first cut that puts us in tune for what we are going to hear on this mixtape.

The second track “Colors” has a production that follows the same style, but more electronic and hard. Even in the post-chorus we see the use of vocal chops, something very common in electronics; we also hear a spectacular outro that has this same style. Here Aminé associates colors with emotions to describe how she feels.

These less common sounds in the normatively urban continue with songs like “Twisted!”. This one has a frenetic rhythm that reminds us of the artist PinkPantheress, bordering on drum n ‘bass; and Aminé follows the rhythm with a simply brilliant flow. A really good song that precedes another that does not fall short. “Charmander” was the only single that was unveiled before the mixtape, and it left us with our mouths open from its preview on Aminé’s Instagram.

The incredible production of the project could be summed up in that of this theme. It’s really moving, with a great samplethat takes a leading role, and where Aminé is able to match all that energy, it seems effortless.

In addition, the video clip accompanies this abstract and crazy aesthetic of the theme and in general of “TWOPOINTFIVE”.

Although most of them are, not everything is frenzy in this mixtape. “Dididumduhduh” presents a rhythm and an Aminé that seem to have been inspired by the music of Don Toliver and “Van Gogh”, it returns to that production based on bells and delicate sounds, but with a much more lowkey and relaxed Aminé. But without a doubt the one that stands out the most from everything we are listening to is “OKWME”, which seems straight out of a jam session . We would really like to see how this unique theme was created.

The somewhat more conventional hip hop and trap are also present. “NEO”, despite this, continues to maintain its originality at the top. With a very catchy handwriting and style, Aminé takes her space to show off the luxurious life she leads.

We also have a freestyle called “Mad Funny Freestyle” that boasts aggressive anime rapping and a pretty tough production too, even though the lyrics lean towards joke and lighthearted all the time.

With this we face the last three tracks starting with “Between The Lines”, where Aminé pauses with his rap to a beat that is quite accelerated again, talking about a relationship that brings him headaches.

On the other hand, “Sh! T2Luz” leans more towards pop, but once again with a production that goes further and denotes a certain fusion with electronics.

Finally, “meant2b” a song remarkably inspired by the artist Playboi Carti. From the beat, the repetition of phrases in the chorus, to Aminé’s own voice that sounds quite close to Carti’s. A complete banger to close the job.

We find it very difficult to find an urban job this year that can match the energy and originality of this year. If Aminé already seemed to us a unique artist of his kind, with this “TWOPOINTFIVE” he has made it clear that not only he, but each of his albums, are completely unique.