American singer and songwriter, Arshia Nicholas Fattahi, also known as Aries has released his new album, BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU.

Born in Kansas on April 18, 1998, Aries currently holds over 55 million total views and more than 430,000 subscribers on his growing YouTube channel.

Hailing from Southern California, he has been making videos since 2012; most of them are beat tutorials or challenges, of which the resulting beats are posted to his secondary SoundCloud page, WUNDERWORLD.

Aries has just recently started releasing full-length songs under his WUNDERWORLD label (formally Chapter 9) the majority of which are all sung, written, and produced by him.

He released his debut album WELCOME HOME on 18 April, 2019. The album features some of his most popular songs which are, “RACECAR,” “CAROUSEL” and “SAYONARA.” It was well-received by fans alike and led to his first tour named after the album.


1. Bounty Hunter

2. Fool’s Gold

3. Riding

4. ETA

5. One Punch

6. Easy

7. Kids on Molly

8. Ditto

9. How Rude

10. Desperado

11. Outdated

12. When the Light Goes Out