Although the five previous installments were pure uptempo, in this sixth part we appreciate a shift towards melodic harcore. Ready to meet the euphoric uptempo?

Barber DJ and producer’s label, Barbaric Records, despite having been releasing music for a relatively short time, boasts plenty of fresh uptempo hardcore artists.

Some examples are Unproven, Sinner, Distinction, Manifest Destiny, Angerzam, or Satirized.

What you are special this seal is that their music not be limited to providing simple uptempo in which only listen kicks. Barbaric’s cuts have tremendous energy thanks to the addition of euphoric melodies and new elements. Take a look at “Like A Boss” by Barber & Unproven.

In addition to their fantastic singles, we highlight the saga of “The Tribe”, which currently has 6 installments of 5 pieces each.

Volume 1 dates back to the beginning of September last year, so this saga came out a short time ago. A little over a year later and after having featured renowned artists such as Angerkill, Febro, Omistettu or EXEQTIONERZ in previous installments, we now analyze the most outstanding tracks from “The Tribe Vol.6”.

Alpha Lion , in a very interesting featuring with the great singer Sovereign King (who we were surprised to see on this label), has presented us with “Riots On The Streets”. As we said before, in addition to playing some very broken kicks (which provide a touch of incredible hardness), we appreciate a very lively melody accompanied by choruses. Without a doubt, the latest drop from euphoric uptempo is our favorite. More people should be devoted to producing this genre!

Rawframez has embodied in “Only Because” their extremely dirty and distorted hardcore uptempo style , and the result has been excellent. We are facing the craziest theme of the EP. At the beginning of the song, a dark setting leads us to a first drop of what we think is frenchcore, although we are not sure. We deduce that it is due to the rebound and distortion in the tail of the drums, what do you think? As time progresses, the hardness grows exponentially until reaching a final part of pure uptempo with a few drops of authenticheart attack. Hopefully live this cut live.

Finally, highlight “Ready For The Fight”, by Face First and MC Sarge . Before listening to this song, we did not know the speaker MC Sarge, and we kept his name, because we liked him a lot. The highlight of this collaboration is the final part of euphoric uptempo, in which the combination of the epic melody and the kicks made us get up from the chair to dance hakken. Excellent!

Barbaric Records will probably keep releasing new installments of “The Tribe” so if you are a true lover of hard music, stay in the cave to stay informed!

And you, what do you think of this EP? Contact us through social networks and tell us your opinion. We will be reading you!

For our part, nothing but Keemers, we hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, family!