The French singer and producer has premiered live and in an unusual way a new cut of his next album, “Multitude”

On January 9, the versatile interpreter Stromae was interviewed on French national television. During his round of questions on the 8 pm newscast on TF1 presented by Anne-Claire Coudray, he surprised the audience by singing his premiere on site “L’Enfer”, which is already the current number one on the charts. his country.

The impact of this performance and its consequences is much more important than it seems. During the interview, Stromae and the presenter briefly talk about how he reflects life’s whitest, but also blackest, moments in his songs . And when the presenter refers to the loneliness and bad streak that the Frenchman has had to face throughout his 7-year pattern, he begins to interpret.

These are some of the verses that Stromae fires at the audience in their “hell”, opening his black gap to intoxicate us all with emptiness while he frees himself in a song in which a piano base is possessed by overloads of dramatic production and ghostly voices. It’s hard not to get excited at this moment that will happen, at least in France, for the posterity of television.

This message also comes at a very important time for mental health, one in which this type of issue is being brought to light more and more and it is being denounced how little considered it is at the level of economic and health resources. A few days ago, the comparison and by COVID in the past year came to light, showing that the former should be an issue to take much more into account, far exceeding those caused by the virus.