Very good to all BoomPlug readers! Welcome one more Sunday to our selection of the best weekly electronic music releases. As always, quality and variety are assured. To enjoy!

Bensley – Leaving [mau5trap]

Bensley has surprised us this weekend with a small release of two songs that undoubtedly demonstrate the enormous quality of this producer. Deadmau5’s record label has been the place chosen to accommodate these two cuts, where “Leaving” stands out for its immeasurable freshness, originality and dynamism. We love to enjoy new musical currents within drum n bass!

Fred again…, Romy & HAAi – Lights Out [Atlantic Records]

British producer Fred Again… has met his match with Romy, one of the vocalists of The XX’s band with whom, in addition to helping With his debut album, he finishes releasing the collaboration of both “Lights Out” with the also producer (but Australian) HAAi. This cut maintains Fred’s feeling-laden dance formula…, but this time it reinforces both parts thanks to his two collaborators with whom he achieves a new round theme focused on the club.

Tchami – Afterlife (Habstrakt Remix) [Confession / Night Bass]

We know very well that Habstrakt is an expert remixing hits and it couldn’t be less with Tchami ‘s well-known Afterlife. The Parisian has brought his sound with a touch of mystery and a lot of cheek to a song that was already difficult to beat. If someone had to stand out above the rest in this crossover of labels between Confession and Night Bass, it was precisely him. Well, he has indeed returned with the best version of himself and this is precisely what we expect from Habby in 2022. He could not be otherwise in the hands of one of the standards of bass House.

Trespassed – Xaeros Box [Thunderdome]

I wish music boxes really existed that would make such an extremely dirty uptempo sound like the one on this song. Having come out through Thunderdome, it was very clear that “Xaeros Box” was going to have some part with oldschool gabber kicks, it’s implicit in the style of the label ! But nevertheless; Trespassed has contributed its essence with some super distorted drums that incite us to dance hakken like crazy. Quite a banger ! In addition, it should be noted that the video clip is very well done.

Current Value – Measures [DIVIDID]

Current Value kicks off its year by raising its level. Two new songs through the DIVIDID label of ABIS and IMANU, from which we rescued this “Measures”. Releasing through this label we could imagine that we were going to find a track like this; frenetic rhythm, a faded drum n’ bass and a lot of madness in the drops. What we would give to hear this over the speakers at a festival.

So Juice – Juice [Gearbox Digital]

The Gearbox artists thing is going too far… We know that producers like So Juice, Anderex or DEEZL love to combine hard music with different styles, but every time they release new music we are more surprised and more. This time, So Juice has presented us with a work led by XTRA RAW, bass house and hybrid trap; he’s a genius! To this day we continue to pray for Fabrik to organize a 150 with a take-over from this label.

James Hype – Say Yeah [Heldeep Records]

From Heldeep Records they present us with a frankly spectacular bet. It is the new reference of the British James Hype, “Say Yeah”, for the Oliver Heldens label. With this tech house , James Hype debuts on the Dutch label in a masterful way. A very moved song with a heart attack rise and a drop with a lot of power. “Say Yeah” is going to become one of the most used track breakers in 2022. That’s what it sounds like!

Imanu & Jon Casey – Kotaro [Sable Valley Records]

It’s hard to count how many times Imanu has snuck into our Loud Cave Selection, and his new release with Jon Casey, “Kotaro”, was no exception. With totally hypnotic and powerful vocals and melodies, not to mention a spectacular drop, Imanu has once again shown that his talent has no limits and that he can handle any challenge that is proposed to him. Quite a banger!

He$h & Benda – Gravehoe (ft. Ren The Third) [Fuckshit Records]

For some time now, He$h and Bommer’s label has been one of those that provide good quality within dubstep and riddim. And of course, together with Benda, we have one of those songs. With trap in between by the singer Ren The Third, the dubstep drop becomes more impressive. Details of metallic whips and very marked percussions, it is the perfect song to headbang without any problem.

Ben Kim – Somebody To Love (Gorgon City Remix) [REALM] Covering

classics never fails, and this is one more sample. After releasing this song a few months ago on their own label, Gorgon City has signed up to remix it, and the result is worth mentioning. Following the line of the original theme, techno stars in a production brand of the British house, with an atmospheric sound with a thick bass line, an interesting percussion and that wonderful sample of “Somebody To Love” that –almost– all of us know. A cool sir!