The remix of “Cayó la noche” brings together seven Canarian artists who show us their rogue side. The scene of this island group is establishing itself again with works like this one.

“Cayó La Noche” was released a little over six months ago. La Pantera, Quevedo and Juseph released a summer hit that reached 300,000 views on YouTube. Months later we enjoy this cut from a totally different perspective, with the contribution of El Ima and already established stars such as Bejo, Abhir Hathi or Cruz Cafuné.

There is no doubt that the remix has professionalized the original piece, taking it to a supreme level. It is true that the origin was already a raw talent, so modifying it to obtain the final hit has not exactly been an excessively complicated job.

It is to be praised that already established artists such as Cruz Cafuné, Bejo, or Abhir Hathi himself -who perhaps follows them from a lower step in terms of career- join forces with young artists from their land, to boost their careers. Although it is true that Quevedo had already reaped other successful collaborations, the rest of the cast has seen a magnificent opportunity to take a small leap to fame.

When a scene stays together the benefits are for everyone as a whole. It seems that in Spain the idea of ​​community is more and more present, with works like Rap Sin Corte L or this great remix, which brings together a large part of the talent of the Canary Islands. We have been envying the scene of countries like Argentina for years , where the artists all go together regardless of numbers or followers. Observing that things are finally beginning to be done well here is, without a doubt, a luxury.

Entering the material with the theme in question, the chorus is piloted by Quevedo. A catchy ensemble that is responsible for giving the cut tempo, dividing it into different facets. After intervening Bejo and once again leaving his incomparable essence, La Pantera enters the scene with one of the best parts of the song. The change of the beat towards a much more reggaeton one is undoubtedly a success, with a set of bars that take the theme to a higher level.

Then Abhir will come, who despite a priori does not fit into a track of this style, plays a more than worthy role. It goes without saying that he takes the remix to his territory, although after Quevedo re-enters with the chorus, it is Cruzzi who once again raises the temperature on the hit.

After intervening Juseph and El Ima with their respective bars, we arrive at the second great point of the remix. Quevedo ‘s final intervention, leaving the chorus behind, and leaving its essence on a very fresh house beat that matches perfectly with the end of the song.

A totally different closure from the original track, which was much more thug. With this atmosphere of good vibes and a lot, a lot of rhythm, these seven Canarian artists close their remix.

So far our review of this great group. Without a doubt one of those hits that turns clubs upside down all over the country. Our congratulations to the entire Canarian collective for this union, the clear demonstration that this type of work benefits everyone. Enjoy “Caió La Noche Remix”.