Along with their trusted vocalist Madsin, DRS has given us two uptempo songs released by Triple Six records, their own label.

Since the end of May of this year, when The Dope Doctor released their album “Medicine Monday”, the DRS label has suffered a veritable drought.

It is true that during the first half of 2021 they were very constant thanks to compilations like “Lone Wolf” by Irradiate, “TSR Album 9.0”, “DRS Remix Album” or “Uptempalypse” by YunKe. Nevertheless; the last five months have had us somewhat concerned .

Fortunately, the concern disappeared with the arrival of “Join us”, the latest EP by R3T3P; and much more with the release of “Dark Vibes”.

In addition to participating in the compilations mentioned above, DRS has also fascinated us with “Wave of the Future (Official Snakepit 2021 anthem)” with Madsin, a remix of “St8ment” by Miss K8 and “RIP” in collaboration with Jordi Gran (MBK), among many other things.

But, without a doubt, we believe that “Warriors” with Irradiate and Tha Watcher has been his masterpiece of the year. A few months ago we published an article analyzing this cut in depth, so we leave it here for you to take a look at it.

We also enclose a B2B that he recorded with the great Partyraiser for the Dominator festival. You have no loss!

With that said, we move on to comment on “Dark Vibes”.

The first track is titled “Dark Vibes”, like the EP, and it’s in collaboration with R3T3P. What a piece of bomb ! The setting corresponds to the aggressive and dark style of DRS and Madsin, with really successful spoken vocals. On the other hand, classic DRS kicks play a fundamental role in creating an uptempo track loaded with rage.

Nevertheless; What we stand out the most (and what we liked the most) have been the high-pitched melodies in combination with the infernal female choirs. The last drop is precious!

The second track has the participation of our national artist YunKe, and is called Forced 2B Criminal. It is much more psychedelic and innovative than the first, that is clear. We appreciate parts of breaks, screeches crisp and drums of all styles: from kicks with frequencies severe in the queue until really acute attacks. We found the whistles interesting, which reminded us of a GTA V mission, and the stops in the kickrolls of the drops, typical of both artists.

And you, what do you think of this EP? Contact us through social networks and tell us your opinion. We will be reading you!

For our part, nothing but cavemen, we hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, family!