Fast-rising DJ, songwriter, record producer and performance art practitioner girl, Alice Longyu Gao, has announced her new EP, “High Dragon and Universe,” out October 14.

The EP will be Longyu’s debut Extended Playlist and is set to be released on all major streaming platforms on October 14.

Longyu means “dragon and universe,” her last name Gao means “Magnificent.”

Born and raised in Bengbu, China, Gao moved to the United States in 2012 to pursue her own pop star ambitions.

Having attended school in Japan, China and America, she can write and sing in Japanese, Chinese and English.

Between the delightfully messy and confrontational art-pop of early singles such as “Karma Is A Witch,” and “Magnificroissant,” she became a fixture of downtown New York by pouncing at any opportunity that came her way. From the very beginning there was always a fiercely independent quality to Gao’s work. It wasn’t just that she was doing it all on her own; there was also nobody in the world doing it quite like she was.