Artist and label join forces to release this dubstep and drum n bass EP made up of five cuts, which represent various variants of bass music with multiple influences. With the occasional surprise and three collaborations… This is “Galaxy EP”!

We are so used to seeing Franky Nuts in collaborations with Oliverse, Chime or various artists of that caliber that it is even surprising to see him launch a solo musical ensemble. A magnificent proof of knowing what its current state is and where its sound is going, without third-party musical influences.

The first block of the EP is made up of “Techno” and “Higher” , two cuts that represent the darkest and most forceful facet of the whole set. The first track doesn’t do justice to its title, since in no case are we dealing with a techno track. We found a track . of dubstep with a certain commercial aura that contains melodies that certainly remind us of the most mainstream drum n bass.

For its part , “Higher” contemplates surprising influences from the raw. A rawstep cut on this Disciple EP was probably the last thing we expected, but it’s certainly of great quality. We love that artists like Franky Nuts surprise and include this type of records in a work that, a priori, would not have it even remotely. The variety is always applauded, and above all, it is appreciated in the EPs. Therefore, a good job by the producer in this work, which is not far from the general line of the entire work.

We continue to immerse ourselves in the melodic path of the EP, as it could not be less. Knowing Franky Nuts, that facet had to come out in a work as important as the first EP of the year. “Galaxy” is a magnificent collaboration with Voicians. Taking into account who gets together, the strange thing is that a bad song would have come out… Here it is Voicians who takes Franky Nuts to his field and gives us a fantastic electric drum n bass cut full of melodic elements as well as powerful . What more could you ask for?

We enter the final stretch of “Galaxy EP” and with it comes the collaboration between Katie Sky, Nika D and Franky Nuts. The versatility of the group continues to shine and it is on this occasion where the sounds of future house completely reign. If they had told us beforehand that this hit was the author of Oliver Heldens himself, we would have believed it… A great work that radiates freshness from the beginning!

We end the review with the most complete cut of the entire EP. “Shocked” with Armanni Reign is an outstanding piece of work. Dark sounds and dubstep are the protagonists again, and in what way! In a genre as massacred as this one, it is difficult to be truly surprised by a song, and this one has all the necessary elements for it. Dynamism, variety, claw, forcefulness.. A track made by and to blow up festivals!

So far our review of Franky Nuts latest EP. We will closely follow the trajectory of this young artist, who continues his path towards musical Olympus in the bass music industry. Enjoy “Galaxy EP”!