Dallas based independent artist, song-writer and producer of Alternative and R&B/Soul music, Savannah Rowe, also known by her very middle name, “ImaniCarolyn” has released her new single “Real World” off debut EP “Imani”.

ImaniCarolyn released her first single, “Outside” in May of 2020. The song was dedicated to the twisted struggles of new adulthood and deciding whether to seek higher education or to follow her dreams and pursue art and music.

After a positive response to “Outside reaching over 250,000 streams between Spotify and Apple Music, ImaniCarolyn then released 2 more singles (Slow Down – August 2020 and Stockholm Syndrome – December 2020) on several music platforms.

Imani has since been working on her EP and other creative projects. She is now more than ever ready to continue sharing her art with the world.

ImaniCarolyn’s musical journey began in high school when she taught herself to play the acoustic guitar by watching YouTube videos and then taking formal lessons shortly thereafter.

While becoming more confident in her playing skills, she began singing covers as well as her own music on YouTube. She later transitioned to posting her original songs on SoundCloud and GarageBand, singing about heartbreak and other quite mellow vibes.