The Cádiz-born artist consecrates her hopeful career with “de la luz”, her debut EP. Five fantastic cuts that confirm that the young artist is here to stay.

Judeline’s musical evolution these last three years has been simply wonderful. Being able to observe from the outside how an artist gradually defined where she wanted to take her career is a rare gift in this industry. Luckily, from Boom Plug we caught Judeline when she gave her first flashes on Soundcloud. There was a warm voice that cultivated us with a record that froze hearts. Today’s… Today’s is history.

Musical and personal maturity that allowed Judeline to conquer the capital and with it, captivate dozens of people. Those tens were multiplied by hundreds, and so on. Currently, after the release of this EP, the artist has more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The evolution of her figures give even a bit of vertigo.

The most valuable of all this is that, behind this success, no other secret is hidden than that of talent and perseverance. Don’t look for big labels, or marketing campaigns worthy of praise. There are not. You will only find a young woman who has lived surrounded by music since its inception, thanks to her family, maturing a melody that has finished sprouting at the best possible moment.

In fact, one of the great qualities of Judeline’s music is its simplicity . The tenderness of someone who treats you to music. Not that Tiktok trends or commercial sounds are necessarily a bad thing, far from it. But the reality is that the essence of Judeline is far from all that. Here what is really important is his voice, his paper and pen From him; and of course, the great production team that she has surrounded herself with and that has managed to mature his talent in a splendid way.

Just as it makes no sense to understand Judeline without Los Caños de Meca and her beloved Faro de Trafalgar, neither does it make sense to analyze her music without thinking about the work of geniuses like T uiste, Mayo, Oddliquor or the Latin Grammy winner, Harto Rodriguez. All this from the hand of Sonido Muchacho, who signed Judeline several months ago. Artists such as Sen Senra, Rojuu or Natalia Lacunza work at this independent record label and publisher, so you can already imagine the quality of the environment that surrounds it.

The first advance of this musical group was “another place · wake up”. We have no hesitation when we say that it was one of the best releases of all of 2021. When an artist is capable of uncovering such a large number of melodies and intonations, one cannot do anything other than applaud a job well done. We already talked about it at the time, it is not worth going back to the same topic a second time.

It was followed by “marisucia · noche”, a story set on one of her favorite beaches that uncovered a gloomy atmosphere, somewhat different from its predecessor. Clash of influxes to bring us the deepest and most heartfelt face of Judeline. It is curious how the dark melody connects perfectly with the soft voice of the artist, creating a musical dystopia worthy of admiration. The video clip, like the one for “another place · wake up”, is a real wonder. You can tell that Judeline wanted to offer us her first big job in style.

Therefore, three works were released exclusively with the complete release of the EP. From the outside, we have the feeling, not only because of its placement and duration, but also because of its essence, that two of them represent the intro and outro of the set. “trafalgar · dawn” immerse us perfectly in the set of influences that Judeline will later discover for us. A wonderful intro that lets us know where the artist wanted to take her work.

For its part, “tonada de la luz · madrugada” represents the outro of this EP. A bittersweet ending where a guitar and Judeline’s voice are the only protagonists. Nothing more. The musical origin of the young woman from Cádiz is represented at the end of her first great work. We couldn’t think of a better way to let a work die .

The third work that remains for us to enunciate is then “signal · sunset”. The last thing we could probably expect from a Judeline song was to find influences from electronic music. Although it is clear that at this point we are not discovering electricity, the reality is that the combination could not be more perfect. Musical elegance in its purest form, once again Judeline shows us different musical registers in the same song without even messing up her hair. House brand.

So far our review of Judeline’s first great work. A career full of successes lies ahead, but calm down. Let the water flow through its journey at its own pace, without external alternations. Enjoying the process is even more important than achieving the goal. Judeline will be the one who, continuing to show us the interior of her soul, will be the one who gets where she wants.