The artist invokes his creative potential with the release of the fourth album of his career. This is “Reviver”, the new Lane 8.

Daniel Goldstein, the person who commissioned the figure of Lane 8, is one of the most in-form producers of recent times. His creative capacity and his restlessness to get out of his comfort zone are some of his characteristics that have taken him to the pinnacle of electronic music in its genre. When the various factors and the plasticity that the artist has to adapt to all the challenges that he proposes come together, they give rise to works such as “Reviver”.

This new album in the trajectory of Lane 8 has been a new barrier to overcome in his career. “”Reviver” is an album more focused on the dance floor” , as defined by the artist himself. Without losing the melodic essence of the previous ones, the thirteen songs that make up the LP show a strength that differentiates them from their predecessors. In this new reference of This Never Happened , Lane 8 has various collaborations at the highest level. These collaborations are interspersed with the songs produced alone by the artist.

This album was announced in October of last year after the release of the single that gives life and title to it. Where “ Reviver ” arrived with a power and progression worthy of the best dance tracks. That’s when the followers of the American artist realized that this fourth album was going to be different from the previous ones. The next one added to the list of this long work was “What Have You Done To Me?” . A majestic composition with the collaboration of the duo Arctic Lake . Just like the first one, loaded with powerful sounds and serious sequences. However, in this title we find the first female voice of the album. This theme was released in mid-November, after the success of “ Reviver ”.“.

Another of the songs that we discovered before the album came out was “Nuclear Lethargy” . This was the last original to come out of the Lane 8 studio for 2021, and we featured it in our Loud Cave Selection #272 . With a retro and acid sound , but firm in its line of melodic and deep house , Lane 8 falls in love with this peculiar industrial sound. Already immersed in the new year, “Automatic” was published , a new collaboration between Lane 8 and the group Solomon Gray. A spiritual journey with deep voices, where powerful and distorted percussion stands out. As if it were an analog sound. A combination that has been a success.

Among the new solo titles that come to us from “Reviver” are “Watermelon Wormhole” , standing out for its long and arpeggiated melodies . This theme is undoubtedly the most melodic in the purest style of Lane 8 . In line with this last theme, “Illuminate” is a theme that inspires hope and positivism . With a faster line and more presence of percussion, this piece stands out for its basses and the distortion of the kicks . Another of the emotional songs on this album is “Trampoline Counting Stars”, which begins with the intertwining of the classic piano sound, along with timid electronic notes. This maintains a steady sequential harmonic line without oscillations. And finally, we highlight “Closer” , an apparently low bpm track, but with great body. The vocal chop and the offbeat sounds of the percussion are the great attraction of this original piece.

As for the new collaborations, we find opening the album a song with Channy Leaneagh , “Survive” . With short melodies and a lot of rhythm, Lane 8 achieves, together with the artist’s voice, an emotional line in the cover letter of their fourth album. In addition to this, it has a great rise and drop , being a song that we predict will have a long history on the dance floors. This artist also collaborates on the closing theme of the album, giving life to “I’ll Wait” . With off-beat sounds from the first beat, the vibrating sound base masterfully accompanies the voice. A high end for a great album.

Next we find “ All I Want ” next to Arctic Lake , where for four minutes we are going to enjoy a collaboration with a simple but catchy melody. Complementing the base, the voice of Artic Lake plays a fundamental role in achieving that emotionality desired by the artists. This title is Arctic Lake ‘s second collaboration on the LP . Like them, Solomon Gray also collaborates again with Lane 8 in ” Together “. This production is a work of art, materialized between offbeat sounds in drop and the elegance of the voice and melodic house . Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the album.

Finally we highlight “Red Lights”, a song in which Emmit Fenn intervenes. This fundamentally melodic theme and with a line maintained in all its bars, highlights the scratchy voice of this controversial artist. Giving an elegant touch to the piece, closing a very elegant collaboration.

This is all! It’s time to enjoy this great album with one of the most outstanding producers on the current music scene. We read in the next. Be happy.