To be as objective as possible in this chronicle, the first thing we are going to do is distinguish between what we thought of the event (the party itself) and what we thought of the IndepenDance/Zenith room.

Last Friday was the first time we set foot in this place, and as soon as we entered we really liked it inside. It was much larger than we thought, which we were happy about, since we imagined that it would be a smaller space than Fabrik’s Satellite. ​The treatment by the staff and the bar service was good, the lighting was perfect and the merch stand at the entrance made us fall in love.

But nevertheless; Despite all this, there were two things that did not convince us at all (the only two drawbacks that we found in the event). First of all, we believe that the sound quality of the room has a lot of room for improvement. The music was heard low and regular, due to both the poor and scarce distribution of speakers and their poor quality, perhaps due to their age.

After giving this topic some thought, we came to the conclusion that the fact that on January 15 we attended the best 150 of Fabrik perhaps has an influence. ​It is clear that it makes no sense to compare the equipment of a room with that of the best nightclub in the Iberian Peninsula, but the drop from one place to another was brutal .

Secondly, due to a misunderstanding between the organizers and the venue owners, the B2B between Miss Tempo and Strange Noize went down the drain. The venue closed earlier than expected, and these two great artists had to play for less time and with the music too low. Hard Mission’s Instagram account publicly apologized for this mistake and stated that there is no problem with the DJs, so at least everything turned out well. Anyone has a mistake!

Of course, leaving aside our dissatisfaction with the Zenith room, we admit that the party was really incredible.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the night was the variety of genres. The two invited international DJs, AniMe and Dimitri K , made us dance like crazy with the most powerful hardcore and uptempo of the moment. It was the first time we saw them live, and we also hope it won’t be the last.

If we continue talking about hardcore, we must highlight the set of the great DJ UPC, the showcase album of our beloved Lady Dammage and Ender ‘s set , which has several songs in the chamber that are going to rock this year. We would have loved to enjoy the B2B between Miss Tempo and Strange Noize, but hey, surely in the next Hard Mission they will blow it up by two.

The famous DJ of the 150 Yeyo brought the necessary touch of hardstyle and raw to the party, although he also surprised with harder songs.

As for newstyle, the Masía Piñastyle and Wakan DJs drove people crazy playing the best whistles.

Lastly, the live performance of Massive Disorder & Rosell blew the room away with a Frenchcore of a million euros. We’ve been wanting to hear your tracks live for a long time!

Honestly, this event symbolizes something very important: the union of all lovers of hard in the Spanish capital; we are sure that the fourth anniversary will be amazing. Also, as there was a record capacity, surely the following parties will be held in larger rooms to accommodate more people, which makes us very happy.

And you, what did you think of this party? Contact us through social networks and tell us your opinion. We will be reading yo