We don’t doubt the selection of artists from one of the most important bass record labels, and in this case, they wanted Leotrix to debut with this daring EP in the purest future riddim.

Everyone knows that if we talk about artists who have already reached a level where they reach everyone’s lips , guaranteed whether they release for any label or if they hire for a festival , one of them is Leotrix. Accustomed to surprising us with each song, this EP is not far behind, surprising us in its complex simplicity of each sound it creates.

We start with “Good”, a song that already surprises us . Of course , what at first seems like a nice song , with its vocals , its harmony and its bell plucks , and suddenly a very low growl sounds (and not volume), forceful that takes that tranquility elsewhere for later return.

“Replacement Dub” is the definition of what you expect in a Leotrix track. Between the rhythm variations of the kick , the great main sound that resembles a metallic tube with a small echo , the sub drilling into the structure and all the details it leaves in the phrases, makes it one of the most eager songs of doing gunfingers at full volume.

The third song is the one that gives the EP its name, “Reload”. This theme takes the repetition to another level: same sound , different details throughout the phrases , the flat but forceful bass , and the same succession of kick and snare. A perfect theme is proposed for double drops with other equally deep tracks.

To finish, “Can’t sleep alone at night”, is the definition of melodic future riddim . Another theme of the style that this piece of artist has recently released, of which he has a composition similar to “Alone”. It has that magic that captivates the listener, as if he were in a fantasy world , it’s a great combination of sounds along with the vowels.

In short, we must not lose sight of Leotrix, since lately we know what genre he plays , he does it with a lot of head and with great ease when reaffirming himself as a producer, especially if it is dubstep.