Israeli singer, actress, and television host, Noa Kirel, has released her new single, “Bad Little Thing.”

Kirel rose to fame when she appeared in the Pushers documentary series from HOT, which tracks parents who push their children to success in different areas, and featured Kirel and her father, who was financially supporting her entertainment career development.

In June 2020, it was officially announced that Noa has signed a contract with the American label, Atlantic Records. In December of that year, Kirel signed with WME.

In March 2021, it was announced that Kirel would star in a feature film produced by Picturestart. In May 2021, Kirel in collaboration with Israeli singer Omer Adam, released a remix version of the national anthem of the state of Israel, Hatikvah. The collaboration received a lot of criticism – with many calling it “disrespectful” and “embarrassing”.

In honor of Pride Month, Kirel and Israeli comedian Ilan Peled released the single “Trilili Tralala”. The single won the status of a Gay anthem in Israel and reached number two on Media Forest’s Israeli singles chart upon its release.

Kirel is managed in Israel by the agent Roberto Ben-Shoshan and co-managed by Sharona Nomder (Morse Artists) internationally.

Born on April 10, 2001, she has won the MTV Europe Music Awards for best Israeli act between 2017 and 2020.