Keep an eye out for these highly talented artists whose next year is poised to make the leap


She was one of our bets to take into account in 2021, but probably due to the pandemic, the ex-Fifth Harmony Normani continues to simmer what will be her great entry into the market in the long format. And although the only single she has released this year has been a pretty important slip, previous works like “Motivation” or “Dancing With A Stranger” with Sam Smith mean that the expectations placed on her have to be high.


It might seem that, with all that her music has featured in the past year, British singer/producer Pinkpanthress has hit her stride. But nothing could be further from the truth, since “to hell with it” is nothing more than the artist’s first mixtape and it will serve as a lure for collaborators who are lining up right now to get on her wave. This is a brilliant piece of work in which bed room pop meets electronic productions, especially drum and bass, although the possibilities it opens up are much vaster.


With “FVN!” It all started, but it is only the beginning. The singer, DJ and producer from Algeciras LVL1 (pronounced “luli”) has all the ingredients to become a superstar. He has only published two songs: one has given the backfire on Tik Tok, and the other is a great collaboration with Rakky Ripper and Eurosanto. Also, the first one has been remixed by one of the biggest DJs, Danny L Harle. LVL1’s style is a mix of glamorous vogue -style house with sharp and charismatic verses, an explosive and addictive mix. Recently, the artist has confirmed an international collaboration with Rebecca Black.


The young daine is one of the promises of hyperpop that Charli XCX herself has supported and promoted on several occasions. Originally from Australia, daine’s songs are made by and for generation Z, overloaded with glitches and vocal modifications. Possibly the singer’s greatest achievement to date is one of her latest singles “SALT”, a collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes.

Fran Laoren

The young man from Murcia Fran Laoren aka “El Vampiro” is an all-terrain style singer who represents in a good way a large part of the currently growing trends. And although Fran’s vocal attitude seems more urban, the luminous and melodic productions move him to avant-garde and innovative fields such as hyperpop. These are always a great pillar that sustains them in their songs, being able to cover both Latin rhythms and energetic electronics.


One of the 3 parts of the mythical band of the British band The XX, Romy, was another of the bets we had last year hoping that he would release his studio album in 2021, but apparently the process is being delayed. “Lifetime” is still the only single that the British has up her sleeve, but taking into account its quality and other data such as the fact that she is working on this debut with Fred again, makes us not hesitate to put our hands on fire.

Rakky Ripper

At a time when the resurgence of rave music or hyperpop is gradually taking control, Granada-born singer Rakky Ripper has been riding that wave for a couple of years following her own rhythm. Together with his trusted producer Eurosanto , he is an unstoppable force of energy with tracks like the harder one “donde stas??” or his most recent collaboration with Chase Icon “Zip”, a song with heavy rhythms and a cutting Robokid production.

Alice Glass

A long time has passed since the mythical experimental electronic group Crystal Castles broke up. Her frontwoman Alice Glass is now ready to rise from her ashes, having already released a cut that preserves part of the essence of her band, but in an environment more of industrial pop and torn voices.

Natalia Lacunza

Despite all that she is achieving little by little with two interesting EPs, the commercial explosion of Natalia Lacunza from Pamplona has not yet arrived, but it will. It is a matter of time before Universal Music, the label through which she is publishing her work, decides that it is time to make her shine and her album has already been confirmed for this year. Natalia Lacunza has a talent for writing songs, and they also have a lot of potential to work massively with good promotion.


La Cadiz is here to stay, there is no doubt about it. Throughout 2021 she began to garner the recognition she deserved, thanks to works like “Substance” with Mayo or “New in the City” with Tuiste and Oddliquor. But without a doubt, her greatest flashes came with the previews of her debut EP, “de la luz”.

In fact, this work came out in full this past weekend, confirming that Judeline’s 2022 is going to be stellar. The evolution of the young artist does not really surprise us, since we have been following her career from the first flashes and the talent was more than evident. Now is the time to enjoy her latest evolution, the one that takes Judeline to the place she deserves within the industry. With that warm and magical voice, together with her naturalness and passion for music, success will be a matter of time. Ultimately, the important thing is the process.