Welcome one more Sunday to our selection of the best songs of the week. Grab a pen and paper… Let’s start now!

The Outsiders, NTC, Ida – Overcome (Rameses B Remix) [Liquicity Records]

One of the most beautiful things about music is enjoying the slow, harmonic evolution of a piece. Enjoy how, little by little, a song takes shape, to finally explode in endless sounds and emotions. That’s just what we find in this gorgeous remix of “Overcome”.

Each element is thought to perfection, and in what way … High quality liquid drum n bass!

Felipe Gordon. The Fall of a Withered Empire [Razor-N-Tape]

Felipe Gordon is one of the great magicians of that rhythmic and instrumental house, composed of endless different elements that enrich the cut every second. The perfect song to start the week with a good mood worthy of admiration… Despite the fact that these types of cuts do not usually have an excessive place in our Selection, it never hurts… Everything is for the variety and the tribute to good music!

D-Block & S-te-Fan – Kingdom (Sefa Remix) [Scantraxx Evolutionz]

The king of frenchcore has teamed up with DBSTF remixes to bring a much needed touch of toughness and speed. Raising the pitch from 150 to 200 BPM , Sefa has done his thing in a dream remix.

“Kingdom” is quite a masterpiece, but the personality that this artist includes makes it even better. Synthesizers vintage, angelic choirs, kicks powerful… we emphasize the last drop of Euphoric frenchcore. A real banger !

Warface & D-Sturb – Midnight Paradise [End Of Line Recordings]

Every time these two artists come together to form “Synchronized”, the hard scene shakes. They already showed us their talent at this year’s Supremacy festival, and of course, this week they have done it again. They both come from releasing “Wanna Stay” and “In The Dark” alone, two real bombshells , so imagine the result of the fusion of styles in “Midnight Paradise”.

We can appreciate the classic Warface kicks , some kick drums that have reminded us of Rebelion and the magic in the melodies of D-Sturb. What a genius!

LVL1 – FVN! (Danny L Harle Remix) [last nite / Arista Records]

Surely not in a million years lx españolx LVL1 would have imagined the impact of the success that his “FVN!” is bringing you. Now, the viral success of TikTok that has already catapulted almost 20 million listeners on Spotify has caught the attention of Danny L Harle himself, who has created this tireless remix of the original track, thus giving it a twist towards a neo terrain. – rave and turbulent electronic melodies.

Deniz Koyu & Raiden – Am I [Protocol Recordings]

Deniz Koyu is making a strong return to the ranks of Protocol Recordings. The Dutch label shows us its new reference entitled “Am I”. A collaboration between Koyu and Raiden. This jackin ‘house is loaded with a fresh and dynamic sound.

A style that is not usually present in Protocol, but has been received with great expectation. In addition, the production gives us airs of French house with the appearance of the vocal chop in the drop. This is how it sounds!

LINK – Come Together (Audiofreq’s Audiophetmine Flip) [Welcome Records]

We are well aware of Audiofreq’s talents, but we were totally taken by surprise by their appearance on the Turbo Remixed EP. Without a doubt, his electric and hard-hitting style fits incredibly well with the energy that LINK’s songs give off, and in this remix he shows us how easily he adapts to any terrain, and how easy it is for him to put all kinds of hard into a same topic. Besides that, the Australian is able to get an extra melody from his own “ Come Together ” to put one more gear on the track and bring it even closer to his style.

Col3trane – Californication (Feels Like I’m Falling In Love) [Trane of Thoughts]

This is the new song from r & b singer Col3trane. But what makes this song in our weekly selection is the production by SG Lewis , with whom he has previously collaborated on “Smart Aleck Kill”. This new track seems straight out of the latest SG Lewis album, but Col3trane’s vocals bring that ‘cloying’ component that goes so well with the beat.

René LaVice & Current Value – Lose Control [Device]

This week comes to our Loud Cave Selection an explosive combination within the Drum & Bass.

René LaVice & Current Value combine their talents in this “Lose Control”. With a progressive intro based on breaks and an addictive vowel, the song leads to an energetic neurofunk drop where we can see at a glance that Value has been in the project. A real vice for fans of the genre!

Dennis Cruz ft. P.Rivas – La Ratonera

I really wanted to hear the debut album by national Dennis Cruz. From this we wanted to highlight this production, where the talented producer has once again brought out that Latin house that he does so well.

As in “El Sueño” or “Los Tamales”, this “La Ratonera” combines house rhythms with Latin percussions and vocals in Spanish, although this time it has stayed in the peninsula, and we can hear influences from flamenco and folklore Southern Spain.