This American DJ and producer has once again shown us why he is a dubstep genius thanks to the arrival of an LP released by his own label, Cyclops Recordings.

Jesse Kardon is the person who produces music under the Subtronics name, and is one of the dubstep musicians we admire most in the cave. Why? Well, if you have read the interview we had recently with NAZAAR, you will have seen that this DJ stated that dubstep music is in a bad moment, since most of the songs sound extremely the same, which is sad and disappointing.

We fully agree with NAZAAR on that statement; the vast majority of the tracks we listen to normally sound very similar. It is true that you have to keep in mind that there are many people around the world producing this type of music, and the fact of creating your own sound that identifies you from the rest is very complicated, especially when you are just starting out.

Back on topic from before, that’s the main reason why we like Subtronics so much. He, along with other greats of the genre such as Marauda, SVDDEN DEATH or Virtual Riot (among others), has been able to design a series of sounds that bear his personal mark . Jesse takes sound design , psychedelia and innovation to another level.

After a 2021 full of great songs like the VIP of “Scream Saver”, or the collaborations with Marshmello and Excision; Subtronics has returned to the fray with an impressive album of no more and no less than 16 songs.

From a global point of view, we can say that without a doubt what stands out the most on this album are the settings and the immense repertoire of basses that Jesse includes in each of the songs. In addition, we have a variety of genres (and not only within dubstep, since we listen to both breaks and bass house ) and with very interesting collaborations with artists such as GRiZ, Zeds Dead, Boogie T or Sullivan King. Finally, it is necessary to say that the visuals of the songs are super well done, and they have a lot of work behind them that is worth highlighting.

We are going to comment in detail the 6 tracks that we liked the most!

We start with “OPUS”, an ideal auditory wonder to introduce the LP. It is not a simple track; We are facing a psychedelic trip that transports us to the future thanks to one of the best settings we have heard in months. Spiky hair! The fast, sharp sounds leading up to the first drop are sublime, and so are the drops themselves. Do you realize how difficult it is to do something so magical? It’s hard to describe it in words…

We continue with “Cabin Fever”, an experimental theme, although somewhat less than “OPUS”. Unlike this, the more common dubstep that we are used to takes the leading role, although with very original and futuristic elements. The silent stops that can be seen in the first drop have caught our attention, thus creating a vacuum that has made us clench our teeth. Also, people have loved that League Of Legends sounds are playing!

Let’s go with “Open Your Mind (Anthology 999)” , in collaboration with Cristina Soto, a vocalist with a spectacular tone of voice who has sung very subtle lyrics. As we said before, the combination of very low bass and high notes is incredible, making the drops have a hard side and an emotional side at the same time. The first drop is fine, but the second is from another universe. Check it out for yourselves!

It is the turn of “Gassed Up” with the famous duo Zeds Dead and the talented voice of Flowdan . It should be noted that this song was not released by Cyclops but by Deadbeats, Zeds Dead’s label, which is why the style of this duo stars in the track almost all the time. We’ve been listening to them for a lot of years, but even so, their mix between old and modern dubstep loaded with heavy sounds blows our minds. Still, we reckon the part where Subtronics takes their laser sounds for a ride is our favourite.

We continue with “Cyclops Rocks”, a short but very intense song. We can appreciate one of those build-ups that rise quickly and raise our adrenaline level drastically to lead to a heart-stopping drop. We get goosebumps every time we hear a robotic voice say “Subtronics”! It’s one of our favorite tracks on the entire LP; I wish it would last a minute longer…

We end with “Take Flight VIP” with Sullivan King . If we already liked the normal song, you can’t even imagine what this VIP has transmitted to us. The touch of metal that Sullivan King includes in his songs blends perfectly with the gloomy and disturbing melody that plays in the background at the beginning. Scream metal is very good and aggressive, and shows us once again that rock and dubstep are closely related. If we focus fully on electronics, the part that we liked the most was the lastdrop, since the style of both producers is appreciated in a part of house of million euros.

After listening to this album several times, we think it’s going to be one of the best dubstep compilations of all of 2022 , even though we’re in mid- January…

We can perfectly understand that there are people who aren’t entirely convinced by Subtronics because it’s too psychedelic and experimental, and who prefers the more common and traditional sounds of dubstep. Of course, it is undeniable that Jesse’s originality and sound quality make him one of the greatest talents on the scene.