We continue with this trilogy of articles where we talk about those who, in our opinion, will completely conquer the scene throughout the year. Ready to meet our ten candidates?

Juicy BAE

Named Cristina Vela and based in Barcelona, ​​Juicy BAE has been active since 2017. His field is that of trap and r&b , and it is since 2020 that he released his first project when we have seen how it grew more and more. Although he does not have the greatest fame, he has the respect and support of an entire scene, both Spanish and Latin. He has collaborated with Aleesha, TAICHU, Sticky MA, and well-known producers such as Blackthoven or Fabianni.

His 2022 looks really good with his album “PTSD” already finishing cooking, in which the also growing producer PMP has been very involved. This is how the last track he released sounds and is working really well among fans, “Sinceramente”.

Nico Misery

Nico Miseria’s career is not exactly short. The reality is that this talented artist and producer has spent many years demonstrating in the mostly underground scene that his sound is within the reach of very few.

This was demonstrated in “Tercer Verano del Amor”, his latest album, published this past 2021. A risky and real work, with which we appreciate that this musician can reach Olympusof the urban scene of our country. That is why he is part of our list of the possible protagonists of 2022.

He just needs a large part of the industry to start watching his steps; he already has the talent, and has been showing it for years. To all those who like urban music where the bars are the protagonists over the beat itself, Nico is your boy. 21st century poet.


At 18, midwxst is already shining on the American scene. His style, within the type of music that is playing the most right now, is varied enough to attract listeners of different tastes. We have heard him doing a lot of rage trap but also a lot of hyperpop.

In his latest project “BACK IN ACTION” he has teamed up with colleagues like KA$HDAMI or ericdoa; now he just needs to catch the attention of bigger artists to climb that last step into the mainstream.

The Girls of the Corro

It is probably one of the least risky bets in the entire article. It is clear that this duo has grown quite a bit in recent years. The release of her first album “Onna Bugeisha” in 2021 was undoubtedly to blame for this, demonstrating her irrefutable talent. The point is that we believe that these girls can still go much further. They represent a large part of the new wave of national rap, and as such, they deserve to be at the top of the scene. They closed the year in style, opening for Fernando Costa in his showimpeccable Vistalegre Palace. Our bet is that, by the end of this 2022, they will have higher ranking achievements. His hard-boiled and no-talking rap style deserves it!

Braulio Fogon

Braulio Fogon has been one of the last to arrive on the Dominican dembow scene. His first songs are from 2021 and even so he already accumulates more than 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify thanks to his ability to rhyme with his latest hits. Among them is the viral “Di Di Di”, which has led him to earn the blessing of the father of all this: El Alfa. This has been seen with their first collaboration between the two released just a few days ago, “Tontoron Tonton”. If you follow these steps, what awaits you in 2022 is a truly dizzying ascent. And the fear they have of the greña…

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew is a Puerto Rican who is sponsored by Wisin himself, who signed him to his label La Base.In the short time that he has been active (since 2020) he has received the support of people and older artists like Ozuna, with whom he made a remix the same year as his debut. He has shown that he has a great flow and ultimately everything that is needed for him to succeed in a big way. He has already dropped hints that his first album is coming soon, so all you have to do is wait…

The Virtual

From El Virtual we must say that 2021 was already a great year for him; the year in which he became known. His album “El Disco Que No Queria Dedicarte” was a key moment in his career, becoming one of the great figures on the rise within the most underground urban music of our country.

He also released “Domingo”, the anthem to that last day of the week that sometimes makes us so heavy, and his song with the most reproductions so far. He only started releasing tracks just three years ago, in 2019, and it looks like his growth may continue to go full steam ahead in this new year.


We are now going to Argentina to talk about an artist who knows very well how to delight us with her trap. Lara91k has also been on the scene for a short time, since 2019, but since practically the beginning she has been standing out.

It has a differentiated and versatile style, which means that it has also entered other genres such as reggaeton and dancehall. His album “Como antes” is coming very soon, of which we already have the advance “Eres para mi” with Duki and which is a complete hit. Will this be the birth of a new superstar this year?

For the Artist

We travel directly to Florida to talk about Kwe the Artist . Kwe’s first musical records date back to 2020 , the year in which he also released his debut album “Stû”. It surprises him that both his music and everything that surrounds it has been so professional from the very beginning.

His melodic and addictive trap has earned him several hits, such as his latest release “OK SHAWTY” with more than 3.5 million views. The essence of him can be heard perfectly in one of our favorites “In My Head” … Bangers from minute one that will soon take him to the top.

Isabella Lovestory

We completely changed the third. The variety of the urban complex present once again in this article. Isabella Lovestory perfectly represents self-confidence and exuberance made music. With rhythms more typical of moombathon and reggaeton, the music of this young artist has everything necessary to split the dance floors in two this year.

Taking into account that she has not yet released her first album, 2022 has all the ballots to be the moment in which Isabella Lovestory finally shows her full potential. And we will be there to see it!