The cycle of concerts of Vibra Mahou and Live Nation begins, inaugurated by the Argentine Trueno in his last concert in Spain in 2021.

After passing through Valencia, Malaga, Pamplona and other Spanish cities, Trueno closed his “Daring Tour: La Despedida” in Madrid. The Argentine is increasingly relevant in the Latin urban industry and in Spain it is also noted. Good proof of this is that the third city where they listen to him the most is Madrid and the fifth Barcelona. With recently released hits like “FEEL ME??” or his collaboration “Salimo de Noche” with Tiago PZK, the premise was that Trueno would knock La Riviera down.

Shortly before the show, La Riviera was dimly lit with red ‘Mahou’ lights that illuminated the heads of the audience, most of them located as close to the stage as possible. Before Trueno took to the ring, we could see his DJ and producer TATOOL already in place, along with a guitar and keyboard. And it is that some songs like this first one that was “”, he interpreted them with these live instruments .

But what really spiced up the performance was the presence of two of the members of Commune 4 who champion Thunder for the world, or as he would say of their ‘ñeris’. And of course, one of them could not be other than MC Danger, also known for being the father of Thunder. Not many times there is the opportunity to see a father and a son sharing the stage, and even less that the father is the one who does the backing vocals for his 19-year-old superstar son, but in the case of Trueno it is more than usual.

That was the moment when hip hop and the artist’s most rap roots came to the stage. Older tracks by the young MC like “Rain” or “Trueno 24 / Siempre ”they made the most loyal fans of La Boca vibrate. Coming from the battles, it was to be expected to find us with a great live show on his part, in which he did not shy away from singing a single bar.

After that tribute to his roots, we could see him interpreting the songs that have been driving him to the top of the scene lately. For “FEEL ME ??” the visuals showed a great full moon and the audience left their voice with the magnificent intro. The rest were made by the 808s and the saxophones, which invaded La Riviera.

We listened to “ PANAMÁ” with Duki, whom the Spanish public also has great affection for. And also the aforementioned “Salimo de Noche” with Tiago PZK, with whom the room had a good portion of reggaeton that would later be repeated with the interpretation of the hit “Ñeri”.

But in between all this, something happened that we thoroughly enjoyed. TATOOL, Trueno’s DJ and producer, had prepared a special beat for this concert that the singer had not yet heard. On this themed Spanish beat, Trueno would have to do what he does best: freestyle.

The song that TATOOL turned into a beat was Ketama’s mythical “No We Are Crazy”, and Trueno simply left us speechless with his improvisation ability. We encourage you to be attentive to our social networks, since there we will upload the complete video of this freestyle.

Beyond the madness, the bars and the jumps on the stage, the Argentine also had time to stand in front of a standing microphone to interpret some songs that by their nature require it.

“SOLO POR VOS” was one of these songs, but everyone was expecting the 2019 mega-hit “Mamichula,” featuring Nicki Nicole. After the public sang the impossible of not knowing the lyrics of this song, Trueno made the already typical artist’s threat to say goodbye and leave when there is still artillery to take out.

In the obvious return to the stage, there was room to claim love for the neighborhoods to which each of us belongs, and especially La Boca to which Trueno and his gang belong. Argentine and Spanish flags, Boca Juniors t-shirts and playing “Azul y Oro”, the anthem of La Boca created by the rapper.

Finally, probably the song that represents him the most, “Daring”. With it, he started surfing through the public, already shirtless, and unleashed the madness of the room.

Argentine passion and Spanish euphoria met at the close of this tour, and both artists and audiences took home an experience that they will be looking forward to repeating as soon as possible.