Our first major post-pandemic event was the iconic Printworks with a heart attack poster offered by DnB Allstars.

The day finally came for us. Last Saturday , October 30 , we were able to savor an international dance floor again after almost two years without being able to do so. And if the occasion weren’t already special, it turns out that this dance floor is one of the most popular in all of Europe. TheKeems team has had the pleasure of celebrating the Halloween party at, nothing more and nothing less, Printworks London, with the DnB AllStars party.

The organization and staff

We would like to begin this chronicle of the event by talking about what most surprised us outside the poster: the organization and the room itself. From the first moment, the management of the attendees is impeccable, starting with some very well delineated and established tail sections.

To enter the room, we had to go through a COVID-19 control where the vaccination certificate was required, or a rapid test or recent PCR for those who came from outside the United Kingdom (as was our case, although the test was completely free and very fast).

Second, we reached an exhaustive control of prohibited objects and substances . In Printworks they follow a strict anti-drug policy and even the organization itself warns its assistants of the cases that are often seen in the United Kingdom of spiking (people who inject drugs without consent, especially young girls).

Since we are talking about the safety of the attendees, we would also like to reward the initiative “Ask for Angela” of the police applied by the room (and informed by all parts of it), by which anyone who feels harassed, vulnerable or in any kind of danger, can approach the room staff and “ask for Angela” to so that it takes the pertinent measures.

Other aspects of the organization that we would like to highlight are the presence of lockers , free water cans in each of the bars, a good number of toilets (although we do not get rid of the odd queue even so), and above all the friendliness of all the staff, who went out of their way to help you with any kind of problem.

As a last detail, there were two spaces reserved for Uber and Taxi respectively at the exit, where the staff made you wait behind a fence until you had confirmation of the trip, and after a second fence until you were called by the driver. An excellent way to avoid crowds at the exits, also bearing in mind that the general exit on foot was a different third way.

The space and its decoration

Moving on to talk about the space itself, the first thing that strikes us is the number of anterooms there are. It is appreciated that everything is so well signposted, even with railings surrounding the correct path, because it is a real labyrinth and it is very easy to end up entering through a door that takes you nowhere.

For those of you who don’t know, Printworks London is a room reborn from the ashes of the former largest printing press in Europe. This makes the aesthetics of it completely unique, filling the decoration with scaffolding and gates that, despite being able to look old or even a prison, has a charming touch.

It was not even necessary to give it a special Halloween decoration, since the room itself approved of the theme , and also its assistants put all their efforts in original and hilarious costumes.

The main hall, Press Halls, is a narrow but very long dance floor with very high ceilings and impeccable sound throughout. The stage has an equally high screen where we could see different visuals throughout the afternoon (which we will comment on later).

The secondary room, Inkwells, being on a smaller scale is also a long space divided into three sections that, although it lacks the acoustic quality of its older sister, it makes up for it with a show of LEDs and strobes. ​A room not very suitable for those with sensitive eyesight or possible epilepsy attacks, they even warn you several times by means of posters before entering.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the large number of Printworks lobbies offered a lot of space to be able to rest quietly without having to drop to the floor or be crowded among many people, which is a great point for the room.

Some heart-stopping performances

For our arrival at the DnB Allstars in Printworks, we went to Press Halls to see the takeover of Jungle C akes, in which Ed Solo, Deekline, Benny Page and Phibes, accompanied by MC DET and Navigator, we offered pure jungle mixed with more commercial and classic themes. We stayed in the main room to receive Kanine, which unfortunately turned out to be a somewhat disappointing session as it was a bit of the same old thing that we see from the artist.

We then move to Inkwells, the secondary room, where Tsuki and Subsonic, accompanied by MC Haribo, left us no better taste in our mouths than Kanine, as we expected a strident and filthy jump up session, while we got a quite commercial and calm one.

The ones later in this room who did understand their task were TNA. The group formed by T> I, Azza and Grima , put on a whole destructive jump up show that drove the audience completely crazy and turned the small space upside down.

We returned to stay at Press Halls, where with each passing minute, the intensity of the event increased. DJ Hype in B2B with Dillinja and MC Eksman filled the room with the jungle sound loaded with the influence of the roller. DJ Hazard came as a special guest with IC3, and he certainly was. He built one of the best sessions of the whole night, full of all the best and loaded with classics by the artist that drove the British public crazy.

After going through the Alcemist roller with Trigga, and the Dimension session (which, like Kanine, was a bit businesslike. Of course, with the most spectacular visuals of the entire event), we arrived at the artist who, with his session, he was crowned king of the night: Hedex accompanied by Skywalker. Not a second to rest the body, they were real bombs one after another without stopping that had the entire public ecstatic. The best way to end the event, without a doubt.

In short, the fact that Printworks was our first out of the country to a large-scale event after the pandemic, has been more than enough reason to feel alive and at home again. And the fact that it was a party for DnB Allstars, a collective and promoter acclaimed throughout Europe, makes the night even more special if possible. A completely unmatched experience having attended a DnB Allstars at Printworks